The Teeswater Sheep Breeders' Association was formed in 1949 with the aim to encourage and improve the breeding of Teeswater sheep, to maintain their purity and particularly to establish the supremacy of Teeswater rams for crossing with hill sheep of other breeds for the production of half-bred lambs, know as the Masham.

The Teeswater is a breed of sheep from Teesdale, Co. Durham. It is a longwool breed of sheep, which produces the finest of lustre fleece with a fibre diameter of 32 - 36 microns

The fleece of the Teeswater should be fine, long-stapled with high lustre with each lock hanging free and with no tendency to felt. There should be no dark fibers in the fleece, which should be uniform in texture over the whole body. The Teeswater produces a kemp free fleece, a characteristic it passes on.





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Breed Secretary: Charlotte Durham, Alma Farm, West Witton, Leyburn, N. Yorks, DL8 4UG Tel: 01969 623524 Email: teeswatersheep@yahoo.co.uk