Teeswater Sheep

The Teeswater is a breed of sheep from Teesdale, United Kingdom. It is a longwool casino bonus offers breed of sheep, which produces a generally large-diameter fibre. The breed is raised primarily for meat.

Teeswater sheep have been bred in northern England, United Kingdom for Click here about two hundred years; the breed was rare by the 1920s, but the breed has seen a renaissance since World War II. The Rare Breeds Survival Trust has categorised the breed as ‘vulnerable’.

The Teeswater Sheep Breeders' Association was formed in 1949 with the aim to encourage and improve the breeding of Teeswater sheep and to maintain their purity and particularly to establish the supremacy of Teeswater rams for crossing with hill sheep of other breeds for the production of half-bred lambs.

The wool of the Teeswater should be fine, long-stapled with high lustre with each lock hanging free and with no tendency to felt. There should be no dark fibers in the fleece, which should be uniform in texture over the whole body. The Teeswater produces a kemp free fleece, a characteristic it passes on.

The Breed Standard is used, not only for judging, but also applies to a good sheep to be used to produce good representative progeny.

Teeswater Sheep Description


  • Good Broad, clean head with a well developed jaw.
  • Large brown nose
  • Short Broad teeth meeting the pad
  • Low set ears and bright eyes with plenty of width.


  • Straight and well apart with plenty of bone.
  • Up on the pasterns with sound feet.
  • Colour broken white and brown.
  • ”Leg on each corner”


  • Good, clean open lustre staple, not too strong and of
    medium length, with no black fibres.
  • Uniform over the whole fleece. This should be fine,
    long-stapled lustre wool with no dark fibres in the fleece.
  • It should be uniform in texture over the whole body.
  • Upstanding, head held high.
  • Parades well.
  • Good general appearance.


  • Long drawn with plenty of width, deep ribs
    and good hindquarters.

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